Photorejuvenation, facial vein treatment - Quantum IPL®

Photorejuvenation for Facial veins and clearer skin. We give our clients a full facial analysis and recommend the most effective and safest treatments for facial veins. This may include the use of topical Vitamin A creams to induce collagen and thicken skin.


Photorejuvenation is a very effective method for treating facial veins and skin blemishes. Facial veins can become more prominent for a number of reasons, sun exposure, smoking, rosacea and loss of collagen as we age leads to thinning of the skin showing up more facial veins.

Photorejuvenation via IPL is also a known effective and safe treatment for rosacea and facial veins.
Typically facial veins may require 3-4 treatments spread out monthly. 
It is best to be out of the sun before and after these treatments.