Omnilux – Light therapy

What is OmniluxTM? Omnilux is a new technology based on narrowband Light emitting Diodes (LEDs).

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Omnilux TM was developed after 12 years of extensive medical research.

What is OmniluxTM?

Omnilux TM was developed after 12 years of extensive medical research and is FDA-approved. It is a relatively new technology based on narrowband Light emitting Diodes (LEDs).

We use Omnilux blue,TM Omnilux revive,TM Omnilux plus,TM and Omnilux PDTTM for the treatment of a wide range of dermatological conditions including: acne, sun damage, non-melanoma skin cancers. The technology also stimulates skin rejuvenation and wound healing after surgery.
Each detachable treatment head delivers pure, optimized, narrowband light via a matrix of LEDs positioned to deliver light to the treatment area.

The advantages of OmniluxTM therapy

  • Stimulates the bodies own cellular mechanisms by photomodulation
  • Not a laser or an IPL so no heat, no side effects or downtime.
  • Non-invasive, non-ablative safe therapy 
  • No damage to sub-dermal tissue
  • Relaxing and calming experience
  • Compatible with existing skin rejuvenation techniques such as BotoxTM, IPLs, laser resurfacing and cosmetic surgery such as blepharoplasty and breast reduction and augmentation
  • Allows treatment of large areas such as the face and chest
  • Simple to operate
  • Economically viable


Who uses OmniluxTM?

Media2Esther Anderson – Actor – Home & Away 

"I was recommended the Omnilux™ revive light therapy facials by a friend who said to me it is the best treatment you will ever have, and she wasn’t wrong! My skin was never bad but it was a bit dull, now it quite literally glows. I have makeup artists who see my skin up very close and without makeup and notice a real difference and friends keep commenting on how fresh I look too! I’m loving my skin now!"
- Esther Anderson







Erika Heynatz - Model / Presenter / Singer  Home & Away 

"After my very first Omnilux™ treatment I was completely hooked. With so many facials, the results disappear straight down the sink as soon as you wash away what simply feels like layers of expensive and ineffective face creams. A advanced AHA peel combined with Omnilux™ Revive is such a powerful, yet such a relaxing treatment; simply relaxing under a beautiful, warm golden light while skin renews its own collagen levels. Every session immediately leaves me with more refined, radiant and plump skin." - Erika Heynatz






Reducing Fine Lines and Wrinkles using photodynamic photorejuvenation


Simple, effective treatment with Omnilux reviveTM
Using knowledge of how light could be used to treat skin cancer, OmniluxTM developed an exciting new therapy for the softening of fine lines and wrinkles and super smooth skin. This uses a combination of OmniluxTM light and a plant-based cream that used together provide a unique safe and effective photofacial treatment.


What results can be expected from a series of treatments?


The number of treatments will depend upon your skin type. Your doctor will advise you on the best course of treatments for you. However, you will see a change in your skin texture and fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation.


How does the treatment work?


The OmniluxTM light and cream react together, stimulating the body's own repair mechanisms to improve skin tone and generate new collagen. This is not a new phenomenon as OmniluxTM users have seen excellent cosmetic results for years when combining the cream and light together for the treatment of skin cancers.


Are there any side effects from the treatments?


The tailored treatment regimes give valuable side effects. Your physician will be able to recommend which regime will be suitable for your skin type.

During some treatments, you may experience a sensation of heat which can be treated with cool air or analgesia and your skin will be red after treatment, depending on the protocol suggested by your doctor. This is normal and you should wear sunblock during the first couple of days and avoid direct and indirect sunlight after intensive treatments. 


What actually happens during the treatment?


Firstly, your skin will be prepared by using either an exfolient or microdermabrasion. Cream will then be applied to your face and left on for between 30 minutes to 3 hours. After the contact time any excess cream will be wiped away and the area will be exposed to Omnilux revive. Dependent on skin type, the treatment may be repeated 14 days later.