Mole Removal - Ellman® Surgitron

Mole removal, skin tags and skin growth removal without bleeding or stitches and with little or no scarring.


Mole Removal - here is an example of the Surgitron at work. 

Cosmetic radiosurgery by Ellman Surgitron® allows the removal of cosmetic lumps and bumps on the face and body with virtually no risk of scarring.

Previously, benign lesions removed for cosmetic reasons on the face were removed by surgical excision leaving a scar. With Ellman Surgitron® only the lesion itself is removed after a small amount of anaesthetic administered by a very fine needle under the lesion. Immediately after Ellman Surgitron® excision, there is simply a raw non-bleeding surface no bigger than the original surface area of the lesion. This forms a scab and 7-10 days later there is a fresh, healthy layer of new skin, which over time blends in to the normal skin colour.

Benefits of Cosmetic Radiosurgery

  • Virtually no risk of scarring – the removal occurs at a very superficial skin level
  • Minimal damage to surrounding skin
  • No bleeding
  • Minimal if any pain


Areas That Can Be Treated

Growths treated include moles, skin tags, seborrhoiec keratoses, warts, verruccas, and other raised lesions. Ellman Surgitron® is also successful in treating sun spots and facial veins.

  • Face - the technique is particularly useful for facial growths and spots as there is no scarring and the healing period is short.
  • Facial veins -lasers are usually used for facial veins, but for those people who are not suitable for laser, Surgitron is a good alternative.
  • Armpits/Breasts/Neck – these are common sites of fleshy growths called skin tags. The technique is often used to remove skin tags under the armpits and under the breasts and in the V of the neck.
  • Hands – to remove brown spots, solar keratoses and other growths.


Cost of Treatment

The cost of Ellman Surgitron® treatment varies depending on the number of growths removed, but typically starts from NZ$150.

Raised moles, skin tags and senile warts or seborrheic keratosis can be easily diagnosed by our medical staff then removed safely and effectively using the Ellman Surgitron. This machine uses radio frequencies to cut and cauterise tissue down to superficial layers. Because there is no damage done to the deeper layers of skin there are no stitches or scars from the treatment. The area revealed after the removal of the growth will look like a small graze which will heal over the next seven-10 days. Unlike conventional cutting methods the Ellman Surgitron provides an almost scarless removal.

Individual results will vary, and a medical consultation is required to ensure the growth to be removed is benign. If there is any suspicion a referral to our skin cancer service can be made for peace of mind.  


11 days front surgitron

Front on before Treatment and 11days after.

11 days left side surgitron

Left side before Treatment and 11days after.

11day right side surgitron

Right side before Treatment and 11days after.


Intradermal naevus pre- treatment immediately after treatment


Raised Seborrehic keratosis pre-treatment , immediately after treatment, Day 3, Day 12


Dermatosis papulosa nigran before and immediately after


Dermatosis papulosa nigran before and immediately after

These are actual patients of Skin Deep Clinic. The photographs have not been retouched in any way, though there may be some natural variation in light. Individual results will vary.