Dermal fillers- Juvederm, Restylane, Emervel

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances injected into the skin to physically lift and re-shape it, correcting wrinkles, folds, scars and asymmetries of the face.



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It is particularly effective for re-sculpting and shaping lips, cheeks, lifting downturned mouth corners, and improving the appearance of the chin and jawline.

The safest dermal fillers are non-permanent gels made from either collagen (a protein) or hyaluranon (a carbohydrate). Because both collagen and hyaluranon are naturally present in the skin, but decline with aging, fillers made from these substances are effective for rejuvenation. Collagen has largely been replaced by hyaluranon fillers because there is less risk of reaction. Skin Deep uses Juvederm , Restylane and Emervel brand fillers, which are all hyaluranon fillers with an excellent record of safe effective use. They are all removable with a second injection.

With age, the facial area loses fat, and some bone. Combined with reduced muscle tone, this causes the face to deflate, leading to a visible flattening of the cheek structure, the accentuation of lines and wrinkles and often the appearance of jowls.  Replacing some of this lost fat with dermal fillers produces a very natural look that can take years off the appearance of the facial features.  Generally this will give a much more natural appearance than a facelift. This process is known as "volumising" or the "liquid facelift".

Modern dermal fillers last much longer than previously. One volumiser called Voluma can last up to 3 years and some types of filler may break down after 6-9 months, depending on the area of the face.

The latest dermal fillers include a local anaesthetic called lidocaine in the filler which markedly reduces the discomfort of injection, which makes the process much more relaxing.  

At Skin deep we will select the best dermal filler to suit your requirements. 


JUVÉDERM® Disclaimer

JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® injectable gels contain 20 mg/mL cross linked hyaluronic acid with (XC) or without lidocaine 3mg/mL. JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® and JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® XC are intended to restore volume of the face. The presence of lidocaine is meant to reduce the patient’s pain during treatment. They should be administered only by trained medical professionals. Talk to your specialist about the benefits/risks of this procedure in appearance medicine. Caution: Should not be used in eyelids, bags under the eyes, glabellar region or lips; not with another dermal filler; people with autoimmune disease; severe multiple allergies or anaphylactic shock; caution is required in patients having acute rheumatic fever with heart complications; history of streptococcal disease; undergoing anti-coagulant treatment; in combination with drugs that reduce or inhibit hepatic metabolism; hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid; hypertrophic scarring; children; pregnancy; breast feeding and intravascular injection; areas of inflammation or infection. Avoid makeup for 12 hours after injection and prolonged exposure to sunlight/ UV light/extreme temperatures for 2 weeks. JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® XC should not be used in people with untreated epilepsy, hypersensitivity to lidocaine or amide-type local anaesthetics, or porphyria, in immediate association with laser treatment, deep chemical peel or dermabrasion; JUVÉDERM®VOLUMA® XC is not recommended for intramuscular injections. Caution with use in patients showing symptoms of cardiac conduction disorders; may produce positive results in athlete anti-doping tests. Possible side effects: Injection site inflammatory reactions (redness/swelling/itching/pain on pressure); induration or nodules; discolouration; weak filling effect; bruising; abscess formation, granuloma, necrosis in glabellar region, hypersensitivity. If you have any side effects or concerns speak to your doctor. You will need to pay for this Juvederm. Normal Doctors visit fees apply.

Speak to your specialist about your own situation. JUVÉDERM® is a registered trademark and Our pursuit. Life’s potential.™ is a trademark of Allergan, Inc. Allergan New Zealand Limited. PO Box 1873, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140. NAXXXX. ANZ/0229/2011f. ALL2141. 01/12. GHG.

Restylane Disclaimer

Restylane Consumer Mandatory

Restylane is an unfunded Treatment that you pay for. Ask your Doctor if Restylane is right for you. Normal Doctors charges apply. Restylane is an injectable intradermal implant containing Hyaluronic acid, stabilized 20 mg/ml

RESTYLANE used for facial tissue augmentation and lip enhancement.

Restylane should only be injected by your doctor. Tell your doctor if you have a bleeding disorder or if you are being treated with blood thinning medicines, or any other medicines you are taking.

Precautions : Allergy to Hyaluronic acid or any active ingredients. RESTYLANE should not be used where there is active skin disease, inflammation or related conditions. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, or in children. Avoid intense heat or cold after treatment until swelling and redness have resolved.

Side effects: common injection-related reactions might occur, including redness, swelling, pain, itching, bruising, tenderness or lumpiness at the implant site. Typically these resolve in a few days to a week.  Tell your doctor if you experience any side effects.

For further information ask your doctor .Restylane is marketed by Q-Med and distributed in NZ by Pharmacy Retailing (NZ) t/a Healthcare Logistics, Auckland

EMERVEL Disclaimer

Emervel®is a gel containing hyaluronic acid and lidocaine that is injected by a healthcare professional into or below the skin or lips to restore or augment volume and fullness. Lidocaine is added to reduce the pain during treatment. Do not have Emervel® injections in an area where there is non resorbable implant or if you have irritated or infected skin, allergy to hyaluronic acid or other severe allergies, autoimmune disorders or hypersensitivity to local anesthetic or porphyria. Caution if you have a bleeding disorder, if you take medicines that prolong bleeding time, have had poor results with previous similar injections, have angina combined with rheumatism or a tendency to large scar formation. Exposure to excessive sunlight, heat or extreme cold should be avoided until redness or swelling has resolved. Emervel has not been tested in pregnant or breast feeding women. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS YOU ARE GIVEN.