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The Team at Skindeep Clinic

19 May 2017
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From left: Pepi Bolton-Riley RN, Dr Anuya Deshpande, Chrissy Aldridge RN, Jade White BT

It’s cold outside, but there’s always a warm welcome at our Skin Deep Clinic. We offer world-class medical services here in Gisborne including cosmetic medicine and treatments for varicose veins, allergies and skin cancers and skin conditions. Our doctors and nurses use modern technology and techniques so our patients can look and feel fantastic.

Skin Deep Clinic’s medical team spend a lot of time figuring out how to help their patients be happier, healthier, and more in harmony with life in an increasingly hectic world. Skin Deep Clinic’s bright new offices in Cobden Street opposite Chelsea Hospital give them room to grow as the range of services they offer keeps expanding, along with the number of people who look to Skin Deep Clinic for a huge range of results-focused treatments. In order to find the best mix of treatments, patients have an initial consultation with one of Skin Deep Clinic’s friendly and thorough medical staff, who then design treatment plans to take into account a patient’s concerns, goals and budget. Skin Deep Clinic’s treatment plans are designed to get results, and help people to look and feel their best.