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19 May 2017
Suppliment from the Gisborne herald

SKIN Deep Clinic has grown in every one of the seven years since we first opened in Gisborne in 2008. From one doctor and a receptionist we have expanded to employ 5 consulting doctors, two nurses and an office manager.

At first we were mostly about cosmetic medicine. Lots of people thought Skin Deep was a beauty clinic rather than a medical clinic but the people who came kept coming and the word spread. We went to conferences, we listened to Gisborne people and we constantly wondered what more we could do to help our patients to look and feel fantastic.

We encountered new technology, new treatments and amazing specialist doctors and brought them here to Gisborne. People can now get allergies, varicose veins, hard-to-treat dermatological conditions and cosmetics expertly taken care of here in Gisborne instead of having to travel to Auckland.

At Skin Deep Clinic we help people to be more proactive about their health. Our public health system is great but when something is free or subsidised it can distort our perception of value and make us reactive rather than proactive about our health. Without realising, we can come to see our health as someone else’s responsibility instead of our most valuable possession.

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